Friday, February 29, 2008

Seven Months of Wedded Bliss!

With leap day today, Niels and I are really celebrating a rare seven-month anniversary! Best of all, it's one of a few on which I've actually felt pretty well. No miscarriages, surgeries or anything! My sweet husband sent me an email today with a choice of restaurants. We've usually celebrate at home (the financially-crunched joy of carrying two households for 13 months...sigh), but I think Niels sees the opportunity with me feeling well, so out we go!

Our church just finished a series on marriage. I was very humbled to have been asked to offer input and feedback based on my experience as an author. We have also been asked to be part of the church marriage team. Driving home, God brought to mind how I have prayed that "someday" I would be involved in marriage ministry with my husband. God is so good!

As part of the series, the marriage team developed a "5 great dates" booklet with suggested activities and resources. (A quick plug for the original Great Daters, Dave & Claudia Arp). We've decided to use our anniversary
date to do each "date" for the next few months. Should be fun!

The big news of the month is that my condo is officially back on the market. I tried to sell it on my own over the winter, but alas, no luck. So we spent Valentine's weekend in Grand Rapids, working feverishly with Brooke and Andy, our caretakers/renters, cleaning, painting, de-cluttering and generally staging. If you know anyone looking for a great deal (we dropped the price...again), click on the link above.

Cool seven tulips artwork from

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Bailey's Boo Boo

Anyone who has met our Bailey has seen her impressive jumping skills. In fact, when she was just a 6 pound puppy I had two baby gates on top of each other and she jumped them both! Incredible!

Along with others in the household, Bailey is approaching middle age, with all the aches and pains that come with it.

The last few weeks, we've noticed that Bailey hasn't been jumping up as much. At first we thought maybe she was just losing a bit of her youthful enthusiasm. But this morning she yelped when Niels was playing with her. After I got home from my own doctor appointment today, I called the vet and they told me to bring her right in. I have to admit, with all that's been going on lately, I got a bit emotional fearing that something bad was going to happen with Bailey.

Bailey was a trooper as the vet did his thing. She has a slight fever and her lower back is pretty sensitive. It looks like she sprained her back, so now both girls in the de Jong household are on happy drugs! (Though I should be all better in a week, Bailey will take steroids for a month). Doctor's orders are for lots of rest and no crazy rough housing with Daddy. After, that we hope to have our Bailey Boo good as new.

Monday, February 4, 2008


Congrats to the New York Giants! We had a few friends over to watch this nail biter, and there was much rejoicing when the Giants won because

1. The Packers lost to the Giants in the NFC championship came, which means that they lost to the best team. I think that makes them the second best team.

2. The Vikings destroyed the Giants when they played them earlier in the season. I think that makes the Viking the best team!! (Just kidding, sort of)

3. I just don't like the Pats!

Friday, February 1, 2008


Post Op Picture

My surgery went well today. I don't remember a thing, and so far, no pain (Thanks, Vicodin!). We came home to rest and my husband and dog took a sympathy nap. Aren't they cute!?