Wednesday, October 29, 2008

15 Months!!

Today marks fifteen months of wedded bliss for Niels and I! We've certainly had our share of excitement over the last year and three months, but all of our challenges have drawn us closer together and we feel more of a united team than ever. 

We have a few other things to post about (the surprise shower our small group threw for us, our unsuccessful attempt to attend baby classes like normal parents-to-be/my latest trip to L&D yesterday, and our ultrasound pictures from later today), but for now, I just wanted to post how much I love my husband and how excited I am to see him become an amazing daddy to our little boy!

Happy 15-monthiversary, Sweetie!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Canton Votes

If you have a moment you should check out a site called Sounds like a regular local website on the elections, but it is not. Quite to the contrary... It's a website by the Dutch current affairs program 'EenVandaag' (OneToday) who are covering the US elections from right here in Stark County, Ohio.

They have a Dutch and an English-language website (just click on the US flag next to the top of the page) and are covering a variety of angles; portraits of local Cantonites, an exchange program between Hoover High and a Dutch highschool in Almere (NL) and stories and pieces about the national elections with a local perspective.

One other intersting angle they are covering is Dutch nationals that have made Stark County and Canton their new home. After a tip from my dad I sent the team of EenVandaag an email last week and after a call on Saturday we arranged for them to follow and interview me during the Sunday services at RiverTree Christian Church where I was running lights that weekend. The first (short) coverage is already available - in Dutch - on their website, but a more comprehensive interview is in the works for this coming Saturday.

For those with a more limited understanding of the 'Freaky Deaky' Dutch language, here is the English translation:

Five years ago Niels came to the United States working for a logistics provider in Cleveland. There he met his wife and together with her he moved to Canton. He is a volunteer at RiverTree Christian Church, a large church in Canton. This year he cannot yet vote but the vote of his American wife feels a bit like his. They are still undecided since they feel no candidate is an obvious choice. They are leaning towards Barack Obama. On the moral issues like abortion and gay marriage they differ with Obama's points, but Obama's stance on the war in Iraq and the economy will probably sway them to Barack Obama.

After reading the story we feel the reporter captured our stance very well. We are looking forward to the follow-up story. We'll keep you posted!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

32 weeks and counting...

This week is week 32. Jen has managed to stay pregnant despite 3 trips to the hospital in the last 10 days. Fortunately, all tests so far show that Jen is holding off the pre-eclampsia and HELLP syndrome. Oh, BTW, DJ is doing just fine. Blissfully unaware of the havoc he is wrecking on mommy's body. 

Since we've had several requests, here is the latest 'belly-shot'...

Just to be fair, here's a picture of me being the sensitive daddy...

And one last one... a bit more artistic....

Jen took this last picture. You think she might have a future in photography??? ;-)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

DJ's nursery bedding

We're winners! Niels and I won the auction on this crib bedding from eBay for half the list price on Amazon. YAY!  It's a nine-piece set that comes with:
* crib sheet
* quilt
* dust ruffle
* 2 valances
* diaper stacker
* toy bag
* decorative pillow (not really needed, but oh well)

It might be nice to get the mobile too, but we'll skip the other accessories. Now all we really need is the crib mattress and that part will be done! Next month we'll get the changing pad and start collecting diapers and wipes! Baby DJ will be here in only nine weeks!!!!