Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rest In Peace, Sgt. Bryan Berky

Every morning, as I pump milk for Daniel, I check my email and Facebook. This morning I was devastated to learn of the death of Sgt. Bryan Berky, who died in Afghanistan Saturday. I never met Bryan, but his wife, Erin, is one of my "Fertility Friends." She is one of about 40 women with whom I shared life throughout my pregnancy and all nine of Daniel's months of life. Erin has a son, Harrison, who was born 9 days after Daniel.

Like all of the mommies on our board, I am overwhelmed with grief. I simply cannot wrap my mind around the idea of something happening to my husband and Daniel being denied the opportunity to know what an amazing dad he has. Granted, Erin married a military man, a bomb specialist at that, but after several years of deployments, she was counting the days (40) until he was coming home for good. I simply cannot comprehend her grief.

I finished pumping, went back to bed and gave Niels a big hug. I am so grateful to have married such a wonderful man and am grateful to have him safe at home. I love you, Sweetie!

For more about Sgt. Berky, click here.

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The Allison's said...

I have been so upset for Erin and Harrison since I found out. My heart breaks for them everytime I think about them. Erin was so happy that he was coming home soon, I just can't imagine.