Thursday, September 6, 2007

Are You Ready for Some Football???

Ahh...kickoff to the first (Thursday) game of the season is a mere twenty minutes away. I'm still recovering from the shock of living in Canton, OH--Home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame--and making it through the grocery store today without ONE sign promoting football party planning. I'm sure those reading this in Packerland think I must be lying, but it's TRUE!

Given the topic of this post, today's addition to Jen's "
Why I Love MY husband list" must be the Sony 55" HIGH DEFINITION TV we have in our basement. It's so pretty...and big...and clear. We love it. Who wants to come watch football with us?

Reservations now available at the de Jong Resort & Spa
**includes optional day trip to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, hosted by Mr. & Mrs. de Jong

WEEK 1: Sunday, September 9
Pittsburgh at Cleveland
Philadelphia at Green Bay
Atlanta at Minnesota
Detroit at Oakland
Chicago at San Diego

Arizona at San Francisco

WEEK 2: Sunday, Sept. 16
Cincinnati at Cleveland, 1
Green Bay at N.Y. Giants, 1
Seattle at Arizona, 4:05
Minnesota at Detroit, 4:05
Kansas City at Chicago, 4:15

WEEK 3: Sunday, Sept. 23
San Diego at Green Bay, 1
Minnesota at Kansas City, 1
Detroit at Philadelphia, 1
Cleveland at Oakland, 4:05
Dallas at Chicago, 8:15

WEEK 4: Sunday, Sept. 30
Baltimore at Cleveland, 1
Chicago at Detroit, 1
Green Bay at Minnesota, 1
Pittsburgh at Arizona, 4:15

WEEK 5: Sunday, Oct. 7
Cleveland at New England, 1
Arizona at St. Louis, 1
Detroit at Washington, 1
Chicago at Green Bay, 8:15

WEEK 6: Sunday, Oct. 14
Minnesota at Chicago, 1
Miami at Cleveland, 1
Washington at Green Bay, 1
Carolina at Arizona, 4:05

WEEK 7: Sunday, Oct. 21
Minnesota at Dallas, 1
Tampa Bay at Detroit, 1
Arizona at Washington, 1
Chicago at Philadelphia, 4:15

WEEK 8: Sunday, Oct. 28
Detroit at Chicago, 1
Philadelphia at Minnesota, 1

Oct. 29

Green Bay at Denver, 8:30 p.m.

Sunday, Nov. 4
Denver at Detroit, 1
Green Bay at Kansas City, 1
San Diego at Minnesota, 1
Arizona at Tampa Bay, 1
Seattle at Cleveland, 4:05

WEEK 10: Sunday, Nov. 11
Minnesota at Green Bay, 1
Cleveland at Pittsburgh, 1
Detroit at Arizona, 4:15
Dallas at N.Y. Giants, 4:15
Chicago at Oakland, 4:15

WEEK 11: Sunday, Nov. 18
Cleveland at Baltimore, 1
Arizona at Cincinnati, 1
Carolina at Green Bay, 1
Oakland at Minnesota, 1
N.Y. Giants at Detroit, 4:15
Chicago at Seattle, 8:15

WEEK 12 --De Jong Resort and Spa closed for the holidays.
Turkey Day, Nov. 22
Green Bay at Detroit, 12:30

Sunday, Nov. 25
Denver at Chicago, 1
Houston at Cleveland, 1
Minnesota at N.Y. Giants, 1
San Francisco at Arizona, 4:05

Sunday, Nov. 29
Green Bay at Dallas, 8:15 p.m.

Dec. 2
Detroit at Minnesota, 1
Cleveland at Arizona, 4:05
N.Y. Giants at Chicago, 4:15

WEEK 14:
Dec. 6
Chicago at Washington, 8:15 p.m.

Dec. 9
Dallas at Detroit, 1
Oakland at Green Bay, 1
Minnesota at San Francisco, 4:05
Arizona at Seattle, 4:05
Cleveland at N.Y. Jets, 4:15

WEEK 15: Sunday Dec. 16
Buffalo at Cleveland, 1
Arizona at New Orleans, 1
Green Bay at St. Louis, 1
Detroit at San Diego, 4:15

Dec. 17
Chicago at Minnesota, 8:30 p.m.

WEEK 16: Sunday, Dec. 23
Green Bay at Chicago, 1
Cleveland at Cincinnati, 1
Kansas City at Detroit, 1
Washington at Minnesota, 1
Atlanta at Arizona, 4:05

WEEK 17: Sunday, Dec. 30
New Orleans at Chicago, 1
San Francisco at Cleveland, 1
Detroit at Green Bay, 1
St. Louis at Arizona, 4:15
Minnesota at Denver, 4:15

Sunday, Feb. 3
***actual games showed to be determined by the powers that be at CBS, FOX, NBC and ESPN/ABC, though the owners of said HD TV are willing to making harassing phone calls and obnoxious emails to persuade said powers to show desired games. The below list is only a sampling of our potential guests known preferences. Availability to the de jong Resort & Spa is subject to change without notice. Limited time offer. Maximum capacity: 60 people. Hurry! Supplies are limited. Expires February 3, 2008. ***

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