Saturday, October 13, 2007

Goodbye Tabby

Yesterday we received the very sad news that Tabby, the much , four footed best friend of Jen's nephew, CJ, was put down. He was 13. My brother, Chris, had Tabby, a chocolate lab, when he met his wife, Kelly. Kelly had a chocolate Cocker Spaniel, Tyler. My first memories of Kelly revolve around the love she had for those dogs. She would make them little outfits for each holiday (and even some just for fun). She taught them the greatest tricks. Never mind the basic shake, roll over, and army crawl. They had a little treat apparatus that they could manipulate--on command--to get their own treats. They were so well behaved.

When Chris and Kelly's miracle son was born, Tabby and Tyler greeted this newcomer lovingly and graciously took a backseat in the family pecking order. Soon they because his best friends, patiently let him pull on their tails and cuddle with them for nap time.

Niels had a chance to meet both Tabby and Tyler this spring when we were in Minnesota for our wedding shower. As soon as we walked in the door, CJ pulled us by the hand to introduce us to his friend. "Ta da! This is Tabby and this is Tyler," he said proudly in his best cowpoke drawl. Niels knows he married into a family where pets are family, not just dogs or cats, and he has adjusted well, with his new second best friend, Bailey.

In honor of Tabby's passing, Bailey and I had a special day. I took her on a car ride to run my errands. She got extra treats and extra tummy rubs, and we took a nice long nap together. I know that if Bailey was in Minnesota, she would give Chris, Kelly and CJ a big kiss to try to cheer them up. Tabby will be missed.

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jens mom said...

What a nice tribute to Tabby! I will send it up to Siren to Kelly's parents, where I think they are still visiting.