Saturday, December 1, 2007

Our first Christmas tree...

We have a little 'rule' in the De Jong household that there will be 'no tree before the turkey'. Back when I was living in the Netherlands it was even stricter since we had the celebration of Sinterklaas on Dec 5, so the tree never went up until after that day. But since turkey day has passed we decided it was time to get our tree. Our first tree as a married couple and our first tree in many, many years for both Jen and me since before this year we never home during Christmas.

We got Bailey, Miles (Jen's car) and a few spider cords (American Translation: bungee cords) and went to Lowes just down the road. We looked at a few Scottish Pines, but decided on a beautiful Douglas Fir. We got the trunk truncated by about 2 inches (so it can absorb the water and nutrients better) and 'installed' it on the roof and secured it with the bungee cords for the short drive home.

At home we moved one of Jen's Amazon bookshelves downstairs to make room for the tree. Once done we put the tree up and started decorating with our symbolic first ornament; a little car stating 'just married' with our two names, followed by ornaments of our initials and a little glass angel representing Jo.

[more to come soon, watched the Vikings demolish Detroit..., but pictures are up...]

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