Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Birthday, Bailey!

While some people might think of April 15 is tax day, here at the de Jong household, we like to think of it as Bailey's birthday! Our (usually) sweet dog is 49 years old today, the oldest member of the household by FAR!

She has had a fun day. Daddy gave her a long tummy rub before leaving for work, and then she got to snuggle with Mommy as they both slept in. Mommy shared her breakfast yogurt with her, as Opa has her utterly spoiled to think all yogurt containers are her personal play toys. Sometimes she even waits for us to finish before asking for it.

Bailey got to go for two car rides. Once with Mommy to the library and once with Mommy and Daddy to the grocery store. She got a dingo, her heart meds (which she thinks are her extra special treats), and an egg with her dog food.

Sigh...a dog's life is good.

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