Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Double Digits!

Yesterday we hit another milestone with this pregnancy. We're now at 10 weeks! If conventional wisdom is correct, baby DJ is doing quite well because I have been quite sick! First I tried the sea bands, then we got a prescription for some meds which made me into a zombie. Now I'm on some new meds that they give to chemo patients. I went a whole week without throwing up. I was starting to think the worst was past until this morning when I went to Giant Eagle for a few groceries and um, "watered the lawn" on my way out. Oh well... Our next OB appointment is June 3, the day after Niels' birthday. After all the appointments in the beginning, a month seems like forever so I'm really looking forward to the assurance that everything is going well.

We have a few posts we've been meaning to make: DJ's first gift (Raggedy Ann and Andy from Grampa Elmer), Bailey's near death experience, the China earthquake and a few other things. Hopefully we'll be feeling up to posting soon.

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Troy & Tara Livesay Family said...

blog hopping tonight and noticed you're dutch, love the book Letters from a Skeptic and David Crowder Band ... or your husband is Dutch.

just congratulating you on your pregnancy.