Friday, January 9, 2009

Daniel is one month old today!

According to Niels, Daniel and I are about 20 minutes away from surviving our first workweek home alone without grandparents or daddy. And I thought bedrest went by slowly! Best of all, today is Daniel's one month birthday! I can't believe it was only one month ago that Daniel made his grand entrance to the world.  In some ways, it seems that he's been around forever and I can't remember life before him. On the other hand, he's so new and we are still trying to figure out even the basics of caring for our little guy.

Today has been a pretty good day. He's been showing off his lungs with vigor, which isn't doing great things for my headache. But he's also had some nice nap time and he's the cutest thing ever when he's sleeping and making his little baby noises.

The highlight of the week for me is that is weight is continuing to climb up. Yesterday, he hit 8 pounds again. Still down 4 ounces from his birth weight, but up a full pound from his low weight three weeks ago. That makes me feel a lot better about the sleepless nights (and days) and endless pumping and nursing. 

The biggest development we're noticing is that Daniel loves lights and is now starting to watch our faces when we hold him. We started tummy time today and he is definitely not a fan. See exhibit A:
Hopefully, month two will bring us more sleep than three hours at a time at night and twenty minutes in the day, surpassing his birth weight and a little more sanity to our schedule!

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elmer said...

Well done mom dad and DJ. Keep up the good work. dad