Friday, November 27, 2009

New Favorite Author

Daniel and I have been going to a Baby and Me class at the local library for the past several months. It's been a good way to get him around other babies his age, and we do fun things like read stories and sing songs. (Anyone who has seen him lately know of his love for "Itsy Bitsy Spider!")

After one of the first classes, we explored the children's section of the library. We discovered our new favorite book, Yummy Yucky. It's one of several books by Leslie Patricelli (and we've loved every one so far!). The pictures are so cute and the text is great for both kiddos and parents.
The overall theme of the series is opposites, as well as teaching behavior. Daniel loves them so much, I think we will soon be investing in our own copies.

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Sherri Lavender said...

This one was one of our favorites when Jonah was much littler! I guess I better look for it again!