Saturday, February 6, 2010

Daniel's First Big Ohio Snowstorm

Last winter, Daniel was a little young to do much with the snow, not that we get a lot here in Ohio. At least, not compared to what I'm used to from living in Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesnowta! Usually it snows an inch or so and it's gone in a few days.

When we were in Holland, we got a good amount of snow and we had lots of fun pulling Daniel along in Oma and Opa's tobaggan.

Back home, we haven't had too much snow...til now, our annual February snowstorm.

Friday night
Fortunately the jacket and snow pants we bought for Daniel still fit. We weren't so lucky with the boots. We put plastic baggies over his thickest shoes.
Off to find Daddy.
Daddy and Daniel in the snowbank.
The snowbank is taller than Daniel, who is 32.5" tall.

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