Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Project 365

In a few weeks, it will be seven years since I sustained my brain injury. Since that time, I have almost always had a camera with me--either my regular camera or the slightly-more-subtle phone camera. One of the tricks I learned in therapy was to take pictures of things as a way of making up for my shoddy memory. I've had many, many strange looks over the years as I've taken pictures of items at the store, signs to help me remember where I parked, and other random things. Once Daniel came along, it seemed more acceptable for me to take random shots, so I felt free to take more pictures.

Over on Facebook, I noticed several of my friends mention something called Project 365. In a nutshell, Project 365 is a photo challenge where participants take (and post) a picture a day for a full year. The idea is not so much to take posed pictures, but to instead capture random, candid shots that give a view into one's everyday life. Needless to say, I love this idea because it makes my clicking habit seem more normal.

I've started posting my pictures on Facebook, but for those of you not there, and hopefully, as a way to get me blogging again, I'll repost my pictures here.

Oh, and Happy 2011!

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