Thursday, February 3, 2011

Silly Daniel: 032.03.11 edition

My friend Rachael is so great about posting the cute things her girls say. I've been wanting to do the same for awhile. So here's today's entry.

Last weekend, the three of us went to a Home & Garden show. D is getting so used to touring homes and house fairs that we have to watch him when we visit our friends because he immediately starts exploring all the rooms

He was being a trooper on Sunday so when we spotted these Thomas the Train flashcards (two of his favorite things!), we decided to reward you. He was quite pleased, as you can see in the photo below.
Daniel is at the age where he's starting to test limits and show his own wants and preferences, which is just what he's supposed to do. Of course, he also needs to obey mommy and daddy. He's actually quite compliant so he doesn't get a lot of time outs. We're also starting to teach him about choices and consequences.

Yesterday, we were cleaning up the living room and Daniel did not want to clean up his Thomas the Train flashcards. Since he rather likes his time outs (he'll put himself in time out for no reason), I decided instead to tell him that he had a choice. Either he could pick up his cards (I help) and he could play with them later when Daddy got home, or I could put them away, and then he wouldn't get to play with them again until tomorrow. He chose option number two. So I picked up the cards and put them on top of the microwave, which sits on our kitchen counter.

This morning, I got Daniel up, gave him his floride and fed him breakfast. After brushing his teeth, he usually goes into the living room and sets up his trains. Today, he went back into the kitchen, pulled one of the chairs from the table, dragged it all the way across the kitchen to the microwave, hopped up, grabbed his Thomas the Train flash cards, got down, (left the chair), walked over to me with the cards and said, "(Play) Cards please, Mommy?"

Silly Daniel.
pulling the chair over

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