Wednesday, August 29, 2007

One Month Down, A Lifetime To Go

Niels and I were able to celebrate our first month anniversary today. Bailey was first to congratulate us--with a 4am request to see the great outdoors. After Niels was back to sleep, Jen slipped downstairs to make a surprise cinnamon raisin loaf for him (Thanks Schmidts & Dudiczs. We LOVE the breadmaker!) But her math was off, so she got the enjoy the new loaf herself.

Once Niels was off to work, Jen worked on her gift to Niels...a new name! Yep! Jen Abbas is now legally Jen de Jong, according to the Social Security office. When she arrived home, there was a nice big package from Bed, Bath & Beyond. Thanks, Basses, for contributing to Jen's culinary collection!

Niels arrived home with red roses for Jen (yay, Niels!) and Niels arrived home to a good cooking test day. Yummy stir fry (thanks again, Schmidts and Dudiczs for the wok!) with apple juice in our new wine classes (thanks, Kennedys!) We played our own version of Go-Fish/Uno with the Mahjong set Jen got in China. And for dessert, Jen made a heart shaped cake.
The night ended with the very good news that Jen and Niels' very good friend, Mark Meyer, got engaged to his new fiance, Lori this weekend. We were very happy to inundate him with our newlywed wisdom and look forward to hosting the couple when they come visit us in Canton, hoping in November for the Viking/Packer game and Hall of Fame tour. (Lori, did you know the football Hall of Fame hosts wedding receptions?!? )

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