Saturday, March 8, 2008

Snowy, snowy day

Well, yesterday when the snow started we made it home, to the Visellis and back home without major issues. Today it's a different story...

For starters I had to dig out the drive way. We had about 12 to 16 inches (30 to 40 cm) and the snow is still coming down. The 3+ hours of shoveling our 2 lane, 4 car length driveway + turnaround has resulted into snowbanks a couple of feet high all around it. Before the day is over I might have to shovel another 5 inches and by tomorrow another 5 to 7. Yes, we have some snow.

The road in front of our house has been closed since last night 5pm. Before the closure the snowplows came through every 30 minutes to plow and salt, but cars kept slipping and sliding down the hill and slipping going up the hill. For those that don't know, the road in front of our house has a 7% grade and an S-curve in the middle. Good thing they closed it. Today even some 4x4s had issues getting up the hill.

We just got word that RiverTree is closed as well, so we don't have to go out today or tomorrow-morning. Not that we'd be able to go anywhere, even if we wanted to ... ;-)

Once the snow lets up I'll try to get some pictures. Right now the visibility is down to maybe 600 ft / 200 m and with the snowflakes falling the pictures I did take don't really show anything. We have heat, electricity, water and cable as well as food so we'll be fine for the remainder of the storm.

We'll keep you posted from the white city of Green, OH.

UPDATE: we ended up going to bed early on Saturday, exhausted and were happy to see that the night didn't bring as much as forecasted. We ended up with 18 inches and only another dusting on our shoveled drive-way. We were able to go to the Sunday service at the Tree and had to relieve Dave from running both the Video-feed and the lights by running lights since some people scheduled to run the tech-side of the service were still snowed-in. Now we are a week later and all but the snowbanks has melted. We're seeing green grass and after we built our snow(wo)man we are officially looking forward to spring. One more week... ;-)

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