Friday, March 14, 2008

We Do Wall

Last Sunday, Niels surprised me with a roadtrip to Mansfield, Ohio--about 90 minutes away. Our destination? MEIJER!!! The Target Greatland/SuperWalmart-like mecca is based in Grand Rapids and one of our good friends works there. It was founded by a Dutch immigrant in 1934 and the facades of some of the stores feature Dutch architecture. Inside, the international aisle features all sorts of Dutch goodies--hard to find in our neck of the woods. Meijer stores are found throughout the Midwest, but sadly, not in Canton. (Erin, can you work on that?!?) My astute husband sensed I was feeling a little homesick for GR so he decided to take me to the nearest store to us.

One of our recent addictions has been watching HGTV to get ideas for our house. We've decided on colors for each room, and as we have a little money we've been completing different projects. Something I've wanted for a while is a nice shelf for our master bedroom. Our colors are brown, green and white, but our shelf is a carry-over from my condo, a nice pine which will look better in the office/hopefully nursery.

We found a shelf we both liked at Meijer and Niels spend an evening putting it together. He's a talented craftsman...see for yourself!

In the beginning....

Where Jen would have given up...

Hard at work, with his supervisor, Bailey

The final result! The "We Do" letters were on the cake table. Eventaully, we'll put a wedding picture on the shelf as well. (The quilt and rack to the left was a gift from my stepdad and his wife. They made both items themselves, amazingly, without even knowing the colors of our room!)

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