Thursday, July 24, 2008

DJ is half baked!

We have two due dates for baby DJ. The first, December 11, is based on Jen's calendar. The second, December 16, is based on how the baby measured at our 7 week ultrasound. But, as people tend to do when they are looking forward to a milestone, we choose to follow the first date, which makes today the start of DJ's 20th week--half way!!!

It seems like I have been pregnant forever. Maybe that's because I've had the complications of three pregnancies already! When I saw my OB after finally getting rid of the pump, she told me that less than 2% of pregnant woman get as sick as I was. Lucky me!

Niels and I are looking forward to the next 20 weeks (and beyond). I'm still down 12 pounds (as of this morning), but if you look very carefully--or if I wear a maternity shirt--you can see the beginning of a baby bump! We're counting the days til we see our little one again on August 4 and the BIG ULTRASOUND. And if all goes well, we'll finally know which name of the two we've chosen to start using at home. (The rest of you will have to wait unti DJ's arrival!)

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