Thursday, July 3, 2008

Operation Dump the Pump

Today is day two of Jen's much-anticipated Operation Dump the Pump. After nearly a month on the Zofran pump, Jen was finally given the okay to wean off it. She is extraordinarily happy about this because, even though it did slow down her "worship of the porcelain god," dealing with tubes and needles every day is no fun at all! In order to reach this milestone, her OB required that she:
  1. stop throwing up so much (she's eight days and counting!)
  2. stop losing weight (she was down 15 pounds, but has now gained back two)
  3. starting eating normal foods in normals amounts (the weight loss referred to #2 is a result of a lack of #1, along with a ten-week diet of jello, flavor-ice and Gatorade...Niels can now take her out to eat and she orders more than mashed potatoes and pickles).
Jen was especially looking forward to today's OB appointment because she was eager to hear baby DJ's heartbeat after such a sickly month. She left quite encouraged to hear a very strong rate of 150. (Oddly enough, the old wives' tale about a baby's gender is no help at all. 150 and above is guessed to be a girl, 150 and below for a boy...sorry Gramma Chi!).

The next big day on our calendar is August 4, when we have the BIG ultrasound, aka the "hearts and parts" sonagram where, if DJ cooperates, we'll find out if we're having a little jongen or meisje.

Stay tuned!

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