Sunday, August 17, 2008

Alaska Cruise - The day to travel home

Quick little blog post from ... Phoenix!!

Still have to do the last few days of blogging, but here is a little bit about our trip home. We got up at 3.30am PDT to be at the airport at 4.30am to catch our 6.05am flight to Salt Lake City. Well, it was thundering and plenty of lighting strikes. It was 92F in Seattle yesterday so all that hot air was bound to cause some issues. And it did... When we got to the airport none of the belts were working, including the baggage belts. So we got on the plane at about 6.55am, but our luggage didn't get loaded until about 7.45am so we left at about 8.05am. We were still one of the first planes out since the lighting strike affected the whole airport. Ah well, we figured we missed the connecting flight to Cleveland before we left Seattle. Once in Salt Lake City Delta had already rebooked us hence me typing this little entry in Phoenix. We got here about 30 minutes ago and are at the gate for Cleveland which should get us into Cleveland at about 11pm barring any further delays. Then we get to pick up the car (hope the parking place is still open...) and hope to be home today, but it will probably be tomorrow-morning. We'll see.

BTW: Here's a link to the pictures !!

The team of Trek America

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