Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Update on Baby DJ

So, funny thing happened today. I'm realizing that head injuries and pregnancy brain are not a good mix! Yesterday, I had a ton of emails from fine folks like yourselves inquiring as to the results of our ultrasound. Which made sense, given that yesterday was our scheduled ultrasound. However, I got that date mixed up with the proposed closing date of our condo (which is still in the air). So, when Niels and I went to the doctor today, imagine our dismay when we were told we were a day late. I promptly broke down in tears and they had empathy on me, their most loyal and frequent patient, and re-scheduled the ultrasound for today at 1:15.

So...my sweet husband got an unexpected extra day off work today to spend with his traumatized wife (= assuring me that I'm not the world's worst mom to forget my child's ultrasound) and we passed the time by getting my hair cut, looking at baby things at Target and getting some lunch.

So...all that to say, our sonographer was very nice, explained all the things she was seeing. The baby is measuring 1 pound, 1 ounce, which is right on schedule, actually a week or 2 ahead. The heart beat was 138. Baby has 10 fingers, 10 toes, 4 chambers in the heart, a spine, a brain (obviously got that from Daddy!) and ........................... a [definitive boy-part]!

Yep, We're having a boy! We're keeping the name to ourselves. Yes, we've got DJ's name, but we're not telling!!! That shouldn't keep you from trying to change our minds with your baby name suggestions in the comments... ;-) So far Barack Abbas de Jong and Denali de Jong (in honor of next week's cruise) are our favorite suggestions!

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jens mom said...

I am so honored that you are giving such serious consideration to my two name suggestions!!! But what happened to Bud Grant DeJong, and John Wayne DeJong, and Brett Tarkington DeJong....????