Monday, November 10, 2008

We're ready to bring DJ home!

Thanks to the Ziesemers and our National City Reward program, we were able to go on a little shopping spree tonight to get the rest of our "must haves."

Here's a few pictures with our finished crib and changing table. We still have a few things to hang up, but Dutch Dad, we're waiting for you! :-)

We finally have a crib mattress so here's the finished crib, complete with dust ruffle, sheet, bumper and quilt.

We also got the changing pad and cover...and needed diaper supplies. We're all ready for Oma, Opa, Gramma Chi and Grampa Elmer to visit!

Auntie Liz, there'll be plenty of opportunity for you to change diapers, too!
One of the projects for Niels and Dutch Dad...hanging up the letters. (And the ledges...and the valance...and the wall art...)
And our favorite onesie...

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