Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Blog Header picture and goodbye to friends

Jason and Andria with Daniel

Last night we had dinner with the Statens at IHOP in North Canton. They are moving to California. In the middle of a pregnancy... I'm amazed how well they are doing with all of that. The stress of selling a house, finding a new apartment over the internet, new doctors... wow.

We had a great time and Daniel loved some of the extra attention he was getting (or maybe it was the buttermilk pancake he devoured). Anyway, since we were all in a good mood and we had some friends at hand, Andria was kind enough to take a picture of us that we in turn used as an updated blog picture.

Jason, Andria, Jason Jr.: Godspeed in California and thanks for the Ohio memories! Ultimate will not be the same... ;-)


Pascal said...

To train Jen... in Dutch:
Wat een superlieve foto. Daniel is een echt knuffeldingetje.
Groeten uit Zeist, Nederland.

Niels said...

aww... thx Pascal!