Monday, March 22, 2010

A New Favorite Toy

When Niels and I first got married, I found some word flashcards at the dollar store. There are about hundred of them, each with a simple photo and the word written in English. My idea was that I would use them to learn Dutch. So Niels taught me all the corresponding Dutch words.

It didn't take me too long to master the list, so they were put away. I found them about a month ago, and started showing them to Daniel. I had no idea how much he would love to look at these cards. When we aren't playing with the cards, they are kept in a drawer by his toy box. For the last few weeks, he will go over to the drawer, then whine and point until we take them out. When we open the drawer, he pulls out the cards. Every time.

He's really impressed us with his ability to learn, too, because we can put a few cards on the floor, and he can pick out which one we ask for, in either English or Dutch. He's right about 90% of the time!

He just pointed to the milk card. If you know ASL, you can see that he is signing "milk" as well.

"Okay, Daddy. Let's see the next one."

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