Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Big Boy Car Seat

Yesterday we ordered Daniels big boy car seat from diapers.com and today - within 24 hours!! - it arrived. We had to get him a new seat as Daniel has officially outgrown his infant carrier since he's well over 1" taller than the maximum length of 26" of the carrier.

Hence, the big boy seat. That seat will go to 20 pounds rear-facing and to 40 pounds front-facing. We decided not to use the high capacity seats (to either 65 or 80 pounds) since he is below the 50th percentile in weight, by that time he'll probably want something different and a simple booster seat doesn't break the bank.

After beaucoup de research we settled on the Britax Roundabout 40 in a tan color, matching the interior color of the 06 Fusion. Niels put the seat in already and tomorrow we'll swing by the North Canton Fire Department for a safety check as we feel it doesn't fit entirely snug yet.

Update: after the Fire Department visit, the seat is now properly installed, snug and safe. Happy travels, Daniel! ;-)

By comparison, below is Daniel in his infant carrier... Our boy is growing...

Compare that last fitting to his first one leaving the hospital...

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jens mom said...

Amazing the growth in 7 months!!!! Glad he enjoyed the movie....I don't know if Kelly will ever forgive me taking CJ to see his first movie (Madagasgar). He was enthralled and talked of it for monthes. Think he was a bit older....maybe 2 or 3? Glad it went well....a good place to go on a hot day!