Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Midwest Adventure Day 2: Grand Rapids

This morning Daniel and mommy slept in a little bit so daddy was able to get a few things done for work. Once the rest of family woke up we had a nice pancake breakfast (thanks VV's for letting us ransack your fridge) before we headed out for De Reuze, one of the two larger Dutch Stores in Grand Rapids. This time Niels was able to control himself and only got some stroopwafels for us and a few for Carisa's husband Andy.

Across the street (44th in Grandville) is the Rivertown Mall where they have something very cool: a big Carousel ride. Since Daniel is able to sit-up now we took him on his first carousel ride. He loved sitting on the horse with daddy holding him. Every time he made another full turn and saw mommy he had a big smile on his face which made mommy very proud!

On the way back to Kentwood we called Melissa and Alex. They are missionaries in Central Asia and are back in GR for a number of reasons, the biggest being the birth of their second son Josiah a few weeks ago. They happened to be home and free for the afternoon and since we had planned this to be a down-day we got together for lunch and to simply catch-up since we hadn't seen them since our wedding. Before we knew it 3 hours had flown by which made it time for us to pick-up Beth and Erin for some sweet Mongolian BBQ.

For those not familiar with it, it means picking out your raw meat, carbs, veggies, fruit, sauces and spices before handing it off to the cook to be prepared to your liking on a big circular heated stone. It used to be all-you-can-eat for 1 price, but with the economy what it is, that is now a $3 option. Still, a very good deal and a lot of fun!

Since it is Saturday we went to the 'Saturday at Six' service at KCC. Normally we walk in with literally seconds to spare, this time we had and needed some time since Daniel was going to go to the nursery. This meant that we had to fill-out a bunch of paperwork (even for a visit) since two weeks before they had a security-breach which thanks to all the procedures got resolved within a few hours. Usually we see a lot of our friends at KCC, but not this time. Well, it was a beautiful night so a lot of people probably opted for one of the Sunday-morning services.

After church we repeated the last trip Jen was able to make before she was placed on bedrest; a trip to Grand Haven on the Lake Michigan shore for some excellent ice-cream. A big thunderstorm thread lead us to not do the 1 hour round-trip walk to the edge of the pier but since we left a little later than normal the clock still said 10pm before we got back to the VV B&B in Kentwood.

Since tomorrow will be the first big driving day (Wisconsin, by ways of the Michigan U.P) we called it a night.

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