Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Daniel's first birthday present

Daniel's favorite toy at Gramma's--other than Gramma herself!--was a walker that she borrowed from a friend at the park. We had been trying to think of a good 1st birthday present for Daniel. I had also been re-thinking Daniel's daily routine. For the past several months, we've spent our days camped out in the front living room, where we have a big play yard enclosing the entire space. Daniel loves to cruise, so he will spend hours walking the length of the gate. Lately, however, he's been wanting to move beyond his enclosure. I've been trying to figure out how to give him that freedom, and gain some freedom myself to do more in the kitchen and dining room (bills, cleaning, cooking, etc.)

So last night, the family headed to Once Upon a Child, a nice store with used items for kids. They had 5 walkers and Daniel had lots of fun trying them out. We ended up with a pretty decent tan one. It has a tray for snacks and a couple of toys for him to play with as he cruises around.

Daniel is cruising around as I type this, hopefully wearing himself out for a long nap!

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