Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Picking Out His Birthday Cake

We're just ONE week from Daniel's first birthday. So today Daniel and I went to Fishers, a local grocery store, to pick out his cake! Fishers made our wedding cake and we've been sold on them ever since.

We got off to a rough start. Since it was raining out, I carried Daniel in, rather than put him in a cart outside. As I was walking into the store, with Daniel in my arms, I slipped on the wet floor and fell. I cupped my hands under Daniel's head as I fell forward to protect him, and took the brunt of the fall on my left knee. Daniel was silent for a full 10 seconds before screaming inconsolably for 15 minutes. So scary! There were plenty of witnesses who all came running over to make sure we were okay. I think we are. Daniel was just terrified and I was a bit shaken as I faced deja vu of my other fall. The manager came over and took my name and number, got me some water and even ran out to our car to get one of Daniel's toys to try calming him down. After awhile we were calmed down and made our way to the bakery.

We will just be having a quiet night with the three of us on the 9th, so we didn't need anything big. Daniel was still full of big tears when we got to the cakes, so the baker asked if she could give him a cookie (and so it begins). All was forgiven, then! While Daniel munched on the cookie, I picked out a small white cake with confetti and buttercream frosting. It will have blue and brown balloons and his name. I already bought a "1" candle, so I'll add that at home.

Daniel was so good. He loved looking at the cakes and was very patient while I put in the order. Then, we walked very carefully to the exit of the store, where the manager and cashier watched us very carefully (there was now a rug over by the entrance door) as we left.

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