Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Green Card update

Last week we compiled all the information for our Green Card 'Removal of Conditions' process. When you get a Green Card based on a marriage to the US citizen and you got married less than 3 years before you filed, your 'permanent resident card' is provisional. We'll table the linguistics discussion about that for another time.

Today we received the Notice of Action that the case has been received which also means that my Green Card is now extended by 1 year while the US government reviews the evidence we've submitted. Current processing times are relatively quick (4 to 6 months) so hopefully by this summer I should have my permanent resident status. Then in March of 2011 we'll start the application for Naturalization, meaning applying for US citizenship. Oh, and I'm not giving up my Dutch citizenship.

It's a bit of a lengthy -- AND COSTLY -- process, but I mostly agree with the process since it's designed to weed out the 'bad guys'. If you really want it you'll save up and pay for it. Plus, as long as you read-up and actually read the instructions on all the forms, it really isn't all that hard. Just a bit frustrating sometimes.

Oh well, things are progressing nicely so no complaints from me.

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