Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Removal of conditions of the Green Card

Time goes by quick, in March of 2008 I got my Permanent Resident status better known as the Green Card. Since it was based on our marriage and at the time of filing we were not yet married longer than 2 years (barely 5 months at time of filing to be precise) the Green Card was issued with a 'condition'.

Two years after receipt you need to file for removal of conditions and proof that you are still legally married in a genuine relationship and not simply to get a 10yr Green Card. You can file that petition within the last 90 days of the conditional permanent resident status. That time is now upon us so for the last couple of hours I've been searching through our records, copying documents and reliving the last 2 years of our marriage.

Trips we've taken, insurance policies taken out, other documents that proof we are a real couple and not like Andy MacDowell and Gerard Depardieu in the movie 'Green Card'. And of course, informing our friends at the USCIS about this blog which is a pretty cool way for them to see almost everything we went through over the last 2 years. From the birth of our son, to the trips we've taken, to the health scares of Jen, the sale of Jen's condo in Grand Rapids (don't get us started on that one...). It's all there.

I never envisioned the use of social or new media to be such a helpful tool in this process. Sometimes it is good to be a geek... ;-)

P.S.: Yes, this was posted my Niels on my wife's account...

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