Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Home... now with details

As promised 2 days ago...


From 17:30h to 23:00h: Newark Terminal C (Continentals Hub) closed due to some nutcase jumping the TSA security lines. See our previous post.

From 04.00h to 08.00h: Flight from Newark to Brussels finally left
From 08.00h to 09.30h: Playing with Daniel
From 09.30h to 11:45h: I slept
From 11:45h to 13:30h: To Brussels
From 13.30h to 14:00h: Got a seat on our flight to Newark and got us re-booked on the last flight from EWR to CLE for 4-jan-2010 (ETD 01:55h)
From 14.00h to 16:00h: Waiting for the plane to arrive in BRU
From 16.00h to 18.30h: Waiting for the Cargo-doors to open (frozen shut) -> Local Continental (CO) crew allowed free rebooking. I told Jen NOT to rebook, since after the Cargo door delay it became a CO issue rather than a EWR security issue > maining free food and lodging if we’d miss the last flight to CLE.
From 18:30h to 19:00h: Got free food from CO due to all the delays (3x EUR 20, 1 p.p.)
From 19:00h to 03.00h: Finally flying from Brussel BRU to Newark EWR

From 03.00h to 04.00h: Customs and Baggage Claim in Newark EWR
From 05.00h to 06.30h: Missed the last flight to CLE… by a good 2 hours. Got vouchers for food, lodging from CO.
From 06.30h to 07:00h: After food we wanted to go to our hotel -> Hotel shuttle wait time was already up to 90min... $18 for cab to get us there in 5min… Ramada Hotel already out of rooms, moved us next door to the Sheraton
From 07:00h to 07:30h: Check-in at the Sheraton
From 07:30h to 09.30h: Slept…
From 09.30h to 10:15h: Back to Newark EWR
From 10:15h to 11.00h: Security and finding the gate
From 11:00h to 12:00h: Food compliments of CO.
From 12:00h to 14.00h: Flying from EWR to CLE
From 14.00h to 14:30h: Baggage claim and getting the car
From 14:30h to 15:15h: Driving home... finally.

So from 4-Jan 04.00h to 5-Jan 15:15u (all times in CET) to get home. About 35 hour all together but we made it home safely and Daniel is an excellent traveler. We’ve had many a compliment on our little boy.

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Thank God. Get rest.