Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dream Kitchen

Hopefully, sometime in the next two years, Niels and I will be building our dream home a mile or so away from our current home. On the top of our list for our dream home is that it is not on the top of a blind S curve, like our current home. Also on the list is full ICF for energy savings, universal design for accommodating our parents, and still in the school district of Green. As far as actual layout, we want two master bedrooms (accommodating our parents and other long-term visitors) and a big kitchen that allows me to continue my new cooking adventures.

We took a family roadtrip to Pittsburgh to browse through Ikea. We were talking about nice it would be to have a kitchen island for baking, but also a bar for casual eating with the three of us. We already knew we wanted European-style pull out drawers and then we saw this...

We're in love.


We just found this kitchen online. I like this floor better, but we still want all pull out drawers. We like the tiled backsplash, but maybe larger tiles. At any rate, you can tell that we're getting a clearer idea of what we want!

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