Wednesday, May 12, 2010


For three years, Niels and I have wanted tulips in our yard. Finally, last fall, we had some friends and family help us get our act together. Then we waited for spring and the arrival of our tulips.

When the first tulips burst through, I was so excited, and every day Daniel and I would go check them out. Finally one day the first bloom arrived--a purple one! It was a good thing I took a picture because that night some critter came and ATE it! I was so ticked!

After that, we left our front lights on at night and had no further trouble. Except for bad weather and poor health (mine) preventing us from getting pictures of Daniel with the tulips.

Today the weather was overcast, so I rushed Daniel out after his morning nap to take pictures, and at that exact moment, a construction crew decides to set up camp in front of our house. I give up.

Why look at tulips when you can watch TRUCKS!?!

Got him looking, sort of.

This one was good, but of course a car was on the road.

Now he's distracted by the rock.

Sometimes the best pictures are from the back!

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