Saturday, June 27, 2009

Midwest Adventure: Day 1 (Canton to GR)

Yesterday we took off on our great Midwest adventure. The first leg was a familiar one, Canton to Grand Rapids, MI. Daniel and I left the house around 10:30 am and headed to Penske. We arrived a little early so hung out in the car until Daddy was ready to join us.

Our drive was pretty uneventful and Daniel was a good passenger. This is the last trip in his carrier seat. He has plenty of room in the weight requirements, but he's getting a little too tall. We'll be shopping for his convertible seat when we return home.

Our drive was made more pleasant by the audio accompaniment of John Grisham's Playing for Pizza on CD. It's about a third string quarterback for the Cleveland Browns who gets cut and then signed for the Parma, Italy football team. I usually try to reserve a book or two online for long drives but completely forgot. So I went to the library--with a fussy Daniel--and tried to find something interesting. There are two long shelves of audio books so I just set Daniel down and prayed for inspiration. I'm happy with this choice. For the way back, we have Garrison Keillor'sPontoon.

We arrived in Grand Rapids around 5 pm. We made a quick stop at the VV's to turn on the a/c (they generously loaned us their house while on vacation themselves) before heading over to the Moores. It's always a little bittersweet driving into my old housing development because I loved living there and still miss a lot about it. But it's great to see Sandy, Caleb and Beth. They were kind enough to babysit Daniel so Niels and I could go on a date! We saw Dan Brown's Angels & Demons and liked it very much!

After the movie, we came back to the VV's and settled in for the night. The VV's have two kids so we didn't have to drag everything out of the car. A pack and play was already set up in our room and Daniel was out in minutes. Mom and Dad were not too far behind!

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