Sunday, August 9, 2009

+/- 25 Things About Being 8 Months Old

by Daniel, with help from Mommy and Daddy
  1. I'm not exactly sure, but I think I'm over 18 pounds.
  2. I am now 27.5" long.
  3. I still wear my 3-6 month clothes but they're getting a little tight. So I'm starting to wear 6-9 month clothes!
  4. Mommy hopes her Minnesota friends and family keep an eye out for new Viking apparel for me at the garage sales!
  5. I still wear a size 3 diaper.
  6. On August 3, I cut my first tooth!!
  7. On August 4, I pulled myself up for the first time to stand next to my toy box!!
  8. On August 5, I crawled for the first time!!!
  9. I've had a very busy week!
  10. Daddy lowered my crib because Mommy caught me hanging over the edge!
  11. Daddy put up some pretty art on my wall. It has my name and says, "Slaap lekker" and "Sweet dreams."
  12. I'm now enjoying three meals a day. I get oatmeal for breakfast--just like Mommy. But I like Mommy's oatmeal better so I eat mine real fast so she;ll share hes with me! I have fruits for lunch and veggies for dinner.
  13. Thanks to Gerber and Mommy, this month I tried lots of new foods: plum, apricot, blueberry, grape, pineapple, mixed vegetables, 2 kinds of puffs, cheerios, frozen waffles (they feel really good on my sore gums), and even a few licks of ice cream! Yummy! I still don't like peas.
  14. Mommy can get a guaranteed giggle out of me if she makes the "t" sounds. I don't know why, but it cracks me up!
  15. After we got home for our big trip, Daddy put in my new big boy car seat. No more carrier for me!
  16. On August 15, Mommy took me to my first movie in a theatre. We saw Hotel for Dogs.Mommy says I was a very good boy!
  17. We had lots of company this month. On the 10th, Uncle Gary came from Canada. On the 23rd, Da Dan was here, along with Aunt Sara and my "cousins" Zach, Noah, Mia and my godsister, Hannah. This week we're hosting Aunt Melissa and Uncle Alex, and their boys Sam and Siah. Siah is only 9 weeks old so I'm not the baby!
  18. I have a new nickname: Gunther Grunter, the disgruntled German. I grunt when I'm happy. I grunt when I'm mad. I grunt when I eat. I grunt when I explore...I like to grunt.
  19. I'm sleeping in my pack-and-play for a few days this month, since my friend Sam Thelen is checking out if Daddy lowered my crib correctly. He is two years old, so he'll make sure everything is nice and tight... Thanks, Sam!
  20. I kinda like hanging out in Mommy and Daddy's room. So much easier (read: faster) to get some food out of the 'rents.
  21. Waffles, baby!
  22. Can you believe it, we have NOT traveled in my 8th month...?!
  23. I'm praying for my Great-Gramma Ann, she's not feeling to well and with my teething I know it's not fun not to feel well. Looking forward to see you in November, Gramma Ann.
  24. I saw some funny pink balloons at my first trip to the Bowling Alley. One of my Mommy's friends supports Breast Cancer research and we went to the fund-raiser.
  25. I also saw some really BIG balloons as part of the Pro Football Hall-of-Fame festival.
  26. Mommy and Daddy are watching the Hall-of-Fame game while putting this little blurb together. I'm hearing that I have some football in my near future...
  27. Next month I'll be out of the womb as long as I was in... Next up: my 1 year milestone. Stay tuned!

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