Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Picture of the Week: Week 37

Sorry we haven't posted much the last few days. We've all be3n sick with something or another. Niels had a freak fever. I had a run in with a cat which is sloooooooowly working its way through my system. (I'm very allergic and exposure leads a week or so or cold-like symptoms). Daniel is teething and may also have a cold or may be sharing my allergy to cats. For the most part, he's still pretty good-natured, though we know he's in pain when he goes on his crying jags for 30 minutes or so. The one thing we found that really soothes his sore gums is frozen waffles. In this picture, he had a waffle in each hand. It's amazing how quickly he can down these things!

Hopefully, we're all on the mend and can go back to taking and posing for pictures more this week!

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