Saturday, August 1, 2009

Daniel's Wall Art is up

Today we put Daniel's little wall art that we ordered quite a while ago. One of Jen's friends from her days at Family is a consultant for Uppercase Living. Jen picked-out a two-piece design with both English and Dutch. She ordered it before Daniel was born and his name was a secret. At least that was the initial excuse for procrastination. I guess we've been busy the last 8 months. Anyway, it turned out beautiful, right above his crib:

We also had to lower his crib since the other day he was kind of leaning out to his waist. All the things he starting to out-grow... The swing, the car-seat, the bumbo, the highest setting of his crib... Our boy is definitively growing!

One thing off the daddy-do-list... plenty to go ;-)

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