Wednesday, September 9, 2009

+/- 25 Things About Being 9 Months Old

by Daniel, with help from Mommy
  1. I'm officially a chunker. I went to the doctor this month and shocked both mommy and my doctor with my weight: 21 pounds, 8 ounces. I'm now at the 75th percentile! No more failure to thrive here!
  2. I am about 28" long.
  3. I am firmly in my 9 month clothes now, even a few 12 month ones. Mommy was very sad to put away some of the fun onesies I've been wearing my whole life!
  4. Mommy is still hoping for new Viking apparel. The new season starts tomorrow (Vikes on Sunday), and my Viking onesie is starting to give me a wedgie!!
  5. I still wear a size 3 diaper.
  6. On August 31, I cut mysecond tooth!!
  7. I'm now an expert crawler.
  8. I love to crawl under things - my jumperoo, my piano, tables, chairs...sometimes I get stuff. I don't like that part so much.
  9. I really love bath time with Daddy. When he splashes the water with his hands, I follow with my feet. I'm also really fascinated by the water coming out of the spout. How does it do that!?!?
  10. Mommy and Daddy made the front living room my playroom. They moved the couches to the walls and got a BIG play yard to surround the whole thing. Now I can't reach those fascinating bookshelves anymore. They say it has something to do with safety. Boring...
  11. On August 22, I ate my first meal all by myself. I had milk (I held the bottle), pancake, banana and cheese. Mommy put everything into little pieces, but I fed myself!
  12. I've tried lots of new foods this month: cheese (love it), YOGURT (my absolute favorite thing in the world), dirt (not so much a fan, but it's fun to play with!), pancakes, graham crakers, rusk, croissants and mandarin oranges (all yummy).
  13. I also just started meats. I've had chicken and sausage. I like it!
  14. I love food!
  15. Except peas. The only way I'll eat them is if they are covered with prunes. Don't even try to give them to me straight.
  16. One August 27, I stood up all by myself for a few seconds. I was standing by my toy box, one handed, like I always do, then Mommy showed me the ball. I started to reach for it, and took my hand off the toy box. After a few seconds, I realized I wasn't holding on to anything and fell down on my bottom. I haven't tried it again since.
  17. We were in Grand Rapids this month. Mommy got together with all her COW friends. Daddy and I had a whole day for just us. It was pretty good. Except he forgot to feed me one meal. It's okay...I'm a little chubby now.
  18. Mommy took me to a new park (Price Park). They have duckies there and one goose became my good friend. Especially when Mommy gave him bread crumbs!
  19. I helped my friend Dante celebrate his first birthday. He had cake...everywhere. I think turning one will be fun!
  20. For Labor Day, Mommy and Daddy took me on a long car ride...all the way to Wheeling, WV. We even stopped in Amsterdam...Ohio. I slept for most of it. I got that from my Mommy.
  21. Mommy says we are retiring the swing. It was getting a little uncomfortable. I've been taking all my naps in my crib now, like a big boy!
  22. The exersaucer is the next to go. It's getting a little cramped in there, too!
  23. I love playing with the ball Auntie Rachel got for me. I like to chase it around the room and when Mommy bounces it on my head, it makes me laugh.
  24. My new nickname is Monkey Boy. I love to make monkey noises!
  25. Daddy made a video of Mommy reading me the story she wrote for me. Daddy distracted me the whole time because he was saying the words with Mommy and making gestures

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