Wednesday, September 23, 2009

He Speaks!

It's a big day in the de Jong household. Daniel said his first word. We were wondering if it would be Dutch or English. I speak mostly English all day, but will try to say words in both English and Dutch, if I know them. I know my colors, basic animals, numbers, etc. Niels speaks mostly Dutch, though he slips and talks in English quite a bit, too. So...Daniel's first word was in Dutch.

We figured his word would either be Mama or Papa. It could go either way, with Mama being both Dutch and English, and dada and papa are fairly close. One of those is usually a kid's first word. Not our kid.

We were having dinner and as we frequently do, we had yogurt for dessert. Daniel loves yogurt. I don't really think I can express just exactly how much Daniel loves yogurt. Whenever he see the yogurt container, he opens his mouth and waves his arm up and down. And now, he says, "hebben." That's want to our American readers. Daniel's first word: I want. Nice. Maybe the next word will be Mama.


jens mom said...

Or probably "MINE!"

Daniel said...

What a cutie! I am sure the next word(s) will be something like "I WANT to rise up and call my mother blessed" or something similar - or maybe yogurt or truck or ball, you never can tell. How fun! ... You do know that once they start talking, there is no going back ... :)
Love to you all!