Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Picture of the Week: Week 41

This picture does a pretty good job of illustrating Daniel's personality. He is such a good boy! Even though he's been teething for the last six weeks, he's still a pretty cheerful guy. Poor kid gets cold symptoms when he's teething so he gets two week spurts of runny nose, drooling, and raspy breathing before a tooth comes, then a good week of health before it starts again. And yet, he's mellow yellow about it all. Good boy!

One quick anecdote about his sweet temperament. We've gotten to the stage where we are having to say "No!" a lot. "No, Daniel, stay away from the cords!" "No, Daniel, stay away from the tubes!" The other day, Niels and I were eating dinner and Daniel was in his high chair. He was ready to be done and started rocking his chair! Whenever he does something that could hurt him, we say "DANGER!" in a loud voice. It stops him cold. When he rocked his chair, I said, "DANGER," and he stopped, put his head to the side, looked at me, and patted me with his hand as if to say, "It's okay, Mommy. Don't be mad." My heart melted and I had to try really hard not to laugh. I love our boy!

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