Monday, October 12, 2009

+/- 25 Things About Being 10 Months Old

by Daniel, with help from Mommy
  1. I'm still a chunker. I'm now just under 24 pounds!
  2. I am about 31" long. (I was 30 inches at my doctor appointment last month. That's the 90th percentile! I think I'm going to get Opa's height!)
  3. I'm wearing 12 month and even some 18 month onesies and shirts! I have a long torso.
  4. I'm wearing 9 month pants. I have an average legs.
  5. I've been having fun watching Viking games with Mommy and Daddy in my new Viking clothes. Thank you Aunties Carisa and Steph!
  6. I'm using up the last of my size 3 diapers and moving to size 4's this week!
  7. No new teeth this month, but I'm cutting all four of my top middle teeth. I sure hope they break though soon. My nose has been running all month and Mommy says she can't seem to catch it!
  8. I'm now an expert cruiser. My favorite thing to do is to walk around my living room. Bailey doesn't like it so much. She thinks I'm out to get her!
  9. I have a new fun toy: a walker! One side has lots of fun things to play with. The other side is straight with a handle. I love to walk it across the room!
  10. I also love to play with Daddy's belt and badge. I like to stick the belt in my mouth. I forget that it's not good to stick it in too far. Daddy's badge is lots of fun because it has a little cord I can pull.
  11. I LOVE cords. But Mommy and Daddy NEVER let me play with them. I sure try, though!
  12. My favorite foods continue to be cheese and yogurt.
  13. I have a new nickname: Dairy King. I love dairy.
  14. Another new nickname is vogeltje or "little bird." When I see Mommy or Daddy eating something and they aren't sharing (yet!), I open my mouth real wide and make a cute little noise to get their attention. I like to try new things!
  15. My other new nickname is Raspel Flatts. I've been a little raspy as I teeth.
  16. I've tried lots of new foods this month: frozen peas (thawed out ones are yummy), pasta, egg yolk, blueberries, bagel, mango, olives, rutabaga, corn, tortellini. I like it all!
  17. A typical day's food diary is this: oatmeal for breakfast, mixed with pear juice and applesauce. For lunch I have a variety of veggies (peas, corn, rutabaga, olives, carrots) and string cheese. I eat it all by myself! I usually get a snack of a graham cracker or rusk after my afternoon nap. For dinner, I get some veggies again while Mommy makes dinner and then I get some of their yummy food.
  18. Mommy went to a mommies group a few days ago and shared her food with me. I ate almost her whole lunch!
  19. We didn't do any travel this month!
  20. We retired the exersaucer. I don't like to be constrained!
  21. The jumperoo is next to go. Mommy puts me in it when she pumps. She just started weaning last week so it will go soon.
  22. My parents have left me a few times this month. On the 13th, they went to the Viking/Browns game. I had a fun day with the Lipfords. I even shared my toys with their boys, James and Winston.
  23. They also left me to go see the Indians play. They had box seats. I got to play with Mr. & Mrs. Plank's cute girl, Hadley.
  24. I'm sleeping much better at night. I've even slept the whole night a few times without hanging out with Daddy.
  25. No more middle-of-the-night bottle for me. Dr. Hood says I'm growing up just right and don't need the extra milk anymore.
  26. I'm really good at taking my naps in my crib now. The secret is putting all 7 of my pacifiers in there with me. I sleep better knowing they are all there for me. Since I only get my paci when I go to bed, it's a special occasion.
  27. The big news of the month is that I have said 4 words! One in Dutch, hebben (want), and three in English: Mama, Dada and hi.

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