Sunday, October 11, 2009

From Bush to Garden

We finally undertook a project almost two years on our wish-list: transforming the weed bush in front of and on the sides of our house. It took a truck, 4 guys, 2 gals and a baby. Combine that with a yard of top-soil, 2 bales of peat-moss, 2 yards of mulch, Preen, garden liner, a tiller and a weed eater and we have something that can stand-up to the 'garden' label.

Here are few highlights, the rest of the pictures will be on a facebook album (viewable to everyone) once that site cooperates and lets us actually upload some pictures.
Before shot...

After-shot... a bit better, eh? ;-)


jens mom said...

VERY nice!!! And did the tulips get planted???

Niels said...

yep, we planted 60 tulip bulbs!