Saturday, October 17, 2009

Big Foot

We've been having a hard time finding shoes to fit Daniel. We've been told that most kids his age wear a size 3 or 4. We picked up a few pair at the various kid sales we've gone to in the last year, but none have really fit right. Like a lot of kids, he curls his toes when you try to put his shoes on, so the only pair we have been able to use lately is a pair of sandals. Not really the best option for fall.

Today we went to Stride Right (a kids shoe store) and had his feet measured. Daniel wears a size 5-1/2 extra wide!!! No wonder we were having trouble! He has feet the size of two-year-old! They only had 3 pairs of shoes in his size, and the only ones we liked were $60! No thanks! They also had Robeez, which are soft-soled shoes, for $30, but they only had one boys style in his size (18-24 month!) and we weren't really fans of the alien shoes. We'd like to get a pair like this. We'll keep looking. In the meantime, we found a hard soled pair that will cover his feet at Payless for $20. The Robeez are better for new walkers, which he will soon be, so we will need to get a pair of those soon. But the Payless ones will at least keep his toes warm as the temperature drops outside!

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Niels said...

Dante is 3 months older and is only now getting into size 5. Yep, our son is big!