Friday, June 12, 2009

Another First

The highlight of yesterday was definitely meeting Da Dan (big Dan), but Daniel had a few other firsts, as well.

The other night, for giggles, I tried to nurse Daniel. He never really caught on when he was smaller, so I've exclusively pumped since he was 2 months old. Yesterday, when I was at "boobie class," I decided to try it again, and he latched right on. I took advantage of Betsy's scale because one of our issues before was that he wasn't getting very much. But yesterday he took a whole feeding. Yay, Daniel! I don't know if I'll move to nursing because he hurt like the dickens (!!), but I'm glad to have that option again.

To celebrate, I went out with some of the mommies to Panera for lunch. Daniel sat in a highchair for the first time:

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