Thursday, June 11, 2009

Xiao Dan Meets Da Dan

Yesterday was a very big day for Daniel! At long last, he met his namesake, Daniel Kennedy! DK and his son, Noah, are on a little cross country adventure, driving the moving truck from Grand Rapids, MI to their new home in Richmond, VA. This, of course, follows their global adventure as they are moving back to the States after three years in China.

Yesterday, Dan and Noah, along with Dan's parents, Gene and Nancy, made a stop in our neck of the woods. It was short, but oh so sweet. Here's the two Daniels:

In a lot of ways, our Daniel reminds me of Dan's son, Noah. They are both knuffel beers / cuddle bears. Here's Noah giving Daniel the first of many cuddles:

Only a month til we see the whole Kennedy clan. We can't wait to see you Sara, Zach, Mia and Hannah!

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