Monday, June 8, 2009

Niagara Falls

Since we had planned to take Monday off following the baptism of Joel and Carolyn's son, Noah, we met up with some friend of ours at Niagara Falls. The weather looked dreary, but turned out to be perfect. Not too cold, not to hot, just about right. No need for a jacket, but also no need for sunscreen. Very pleasant indeed... ;-)

We saw the Horseshoe Falls and American Falls, walked towards the Hersey chocolate store and then up Clifton Boulevard to get some Timmies. For those not versed in the Canadian culture, that's going to Tim Horton's. It's excellent food, donuts, coffee and hot chocolate. For our American friends: Dunkin done right... Just look how perfect that doughnut looks...

A perfect looking donut...

The Fam at the Falls

All that water made me thirsty

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