Monday, June 8, 2009

The Baptism of Noah Vriend

Today one of my best friends, best man at our wedding and honorary brother and his wife had their first born son baptized at their church in Oakville, ON. It was a bit of a whirlwind trek north for us since Daniel got dedicated at RiverTree the evening before. So after our dedication and the photoshoot we left at 6.30pm to arrive in Oakville at 11.30pm. Daniel helped a lot by sleeping for most of the trip up.

Noah Vriend got baptized at a very nice service that was laden with children's events. There were Sunday School graduates, a children's band and one other baptism. After the service there was time for some snacks, but after the rest of the church went home for lunch, we had the special celebration lunch for Noah. Lots of yummy foods and Niels saw a lot of his friends, among others, Jeff Bakker and family, Chad de Vries and family, Al and Brad from the Rice Paddy (with their respective fiancees), Rodney Kooy and his wife and many, many more.

One other thing worth mentioning: Jen was finally able to meet Joel's parents Jake and Minka Vriend for the first time and the rest of the Vriend family that was present (in the form of Joel's Pake and Beppe and Joel's sister Deb van Duinen and her family) got a change to meet Daniel.

All-in-all, we had a great time that was topped off by a movie at the Vriend's house. During which Niels actually fell asleep... What can I say... I like my sleep.

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