Saturday, December 6, 2008

Busy Daddy!

Our countdown to parenthood is in the hours now (60 hours at this exact moment!). Niels took me out for one last errand run with just the two of us. The next time I'm in the car, it will be when we take off bright and early Tuesday morning--4:30am--for our c-section! 

It was a pretty winter night with light snow (sorry, Mom!) and we went to Target for a pack 'n' play (thank you, Canton Family!), and then Babies R Us for the above bouncer (thank you, Ingrid and Bart!). I probably pressed it a bit, because I'm absolutely wiped! So Niels is now working on the pack 'n' play and I am banished to the couch for the night!

Tomorrow is our last day together before we meet the baby. We have grand plans to watch football all day! Monday is Niels' last day of work and then it'll be Tuesday morning before we know it!

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