Monday, December 1, 2008

Soon and very soon...

We're t-minus 8 days til baby DJ arrives. It's been a dicey few days with two trips to the hospital last week. We're getting great care from our OB and we're very grateful that all is well with baby. I'm having a rougher time fighting the pre-eclampsia. So far, it's only mild (ha!) so I can stay at home but I'm being watched like a hawk! The biggest challenge is that my blood pressure spikes pretty quickly and I'm really swollen in my hands and face. Looking at these pictures, I'd say my stomach is a bit swollen as well! It seems each day, I'm limited more and more in what I can handle, so I spend a good portion of my day laying down.

One great blessing is that American Dad drove out to Ohio to spend a few days with us (translation: be Jen's caretaker and errand boy!) Tonight he and Niels put up the Christmas tree and decorations since we have something going on next week that will probably prevent us from doing anything around the house! We enlisted Dad to take a few pictures of both of us in our final days before parenthood. This one is my favorite. Click here for more.

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