Saturday, December 13, 2008

Thursday through Saturday

Alright, time for some new text. This time it's daddy writing while mommy is having 2 MRI's done. She also had a CT scan today. So what happened...

We were doing pretty well on Wednesday, mom's milk came in, Daniel was eating fine, he had a first good latch on mommy's breast, so we were pretty happy. She was still pretty sore so it was nice to have the 4-day post op approved by the insurance to recover in relative rest with plenty of help at hand.

On Thursday we hit a big snag. Not with Daniel, but with one of the nurses. She was ill-prepared to handle a post-partum TBI mom. She disagreed with some of the decisions of our previous nurse which we really liked and under her we made excellent progress with breastfeeding and she constantly interupted Jen and telling us inconsistent stories, including one that we'd be going home on Friday. Long story short, that nurse was a major cause of a pretty bad TBI crash mid-afternoon.

Later that night we cleared-up the discharge date and we got a new nurse that we really liked. The nursing-staff seemed to have gotten a little scared by the events that afternoon and ever since we're having great nursing care. However, Thursday-night Jen noticed that when she was laying down she couldn't lift her left leg. That was weird since we walked around 'the block' a couple times each time with greater ease. 

Friday-morning the still had the numbness and felt that her left leg was more of a 'dead weight'. She also started to notice that later that day the numbness was spreading to the rest of her left leg and by the evening to her left arm as well. The doctor on call ordered a neuro-consult to get some more info.

Saturday-morning it was pretty much the same, left extremities weren't really coorporating. However, this morning come breakfast she felt like she was being stabbed in the lower left abdomen where we previously noted a bruise. The nurse was called and in 2 minutes both a nurse and the doctor on-call were checking on Jen. He wasn't sure what it was and ordered a CT to have it properly diagnosed. Also the neuro-consult request was repeated since we haven't heared anything to that point and before that visit later tonight she is currently having 2 MRI's done.

All the while she is 'very uncomfortable' to say the least so it has been a very rough day for us. And just to top it off some of the stored breastmilk from pumping got contaminated with some ivory soap so one bottle-feeding turned our mellow-yellow into a burpy, bubbly and fuzzy baby. After a number of burps and spit-ups that bad milk was all cleared out of his system and he's back to being our mellow-yellow baby.

Jen should be back in 30 minutes and after the results of the scans and the neuro-consult we'll give you another quick update. In the meantime, Daniel seems to be doing well. He's starting to regain some his weight and his (very mild) jaundice seems to be clearing up.

More later...

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