Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Just like my mom and dad

Hey, it's me, Daniel, using Opa's computer and email. Quite the little hacker already... Opa and Oma are still here and I kinda like all the attention. I like sleeping in arms just because I like to cuddle. I'm starting to develop my own little things and in most of them I'm a lot like my mommy and my daddy. Well, mostly daddy's things. Hey, I'm a boy... at least last time I checked. I can eat like my daddy and I can sleep like my daddy. Also, my little WasteManagement plant is starting to fire on all cylinders. My parents thought they had enough Newborn diapers, but I might surprise them...

Yesterday was a long day for me. They woke me up every two hours, since I'm too sleepy sometimes to wake-up on my own. I sure like my sleep. So, to be awakend every 2 hours makes you kinda sleepy. So was I, but fortunately they also fed me and changed me at those times so I can't complain too much.

Today I'm going back to church for my first Christmas service. I'm also waiting for my Aunt Liz and her boyfriend to visit since they might come too. The last time I was at church I was a true rock-star. Everyone was oohing and awwing over me. He, he, I can't help it that I'm gorgeous. I have that from both my mommy and my daddy.

OK, I'm back in Opa's arms taking a nap so I can be fully rested when we go to church... or do they want to put me in my beloved milk-induced coma... Only time will tell.


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